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Location: 58-60, Scotswood Rd, Newcastle, NE4 7JE

King Tut's Tomb

You're a team of archaeologists who find yourselves trapped in King Tut's tomb. Do you have what it takes to discover his treasure and escape in 60 minutes?

Location: 58-60, Scotswood Rd, Newcastle, NE4 7JE

The Dungeon

Deep in a Dungeon in the heart of Newcastle, a mad scientist has been conducting experiments trying to create a monster. Can you stop him in just 60 minutes?

Location: 58-60, Scotswood Rd, Newcastle, NE4 7JE

Lights Out

It's lights out, the guards are distracted and you and your team mates have an hour and a half to identify the flaws in prison security and ultimately, escape!


5* Team Building Activities

In this post-covid era, we know that now more than ever, teams need positive interruptions to drive motivation, increase development and have some fun.

Our range of team building packages, available for small and medium-sized teams, will be the talk of the office for months. So, if your hardworking employees deserve a reward, then get in touch today to learn how Never Give Up can help.


Gift Vouchers

Give the gift of an escape room

Gift someone the ultimate escape room experience. Immersive, thrilling and guaranteed to challenge even the most competitive person! Never Give Up is a great present that they can experience with their friends and family.

What a good escape room, would recommend for the games and the vibe with your friends, loved it. Staff are wonderful.

Alice Marshall

Brilliant day very fun games and very friendly staff would recommend to anyone.

Graeme Dodds

We all had a great time tonight. Something different and quirky. Plenty of laughs and giggles and all round good fun. The staff were brilliant and made it a great experience. Thanks Cameron, Lucas, Gina and Jasmine. Highly recommended.

Olly Smith

We're often asked

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recommended number of players per team?

All of our rooms are designed for groups of between 2-12 players. There must be a minimum of 2 players due to the number of puzzles within our rooms.

Is there an age restriction?

The Never Give Up experience is fun for all ages, however, we recommend a minimum age of 8 years old. Please consider that the theme of some of our rooms may be unsuitable for younger children.

Is there anything we should know before we arrive?

There are a couple of things to consider… – Please arrive 15 minutes before your booking time. – Wear sensible clothes and shoes as many of our games require overcoming physical obstacles. Definitely no high-heels.

Do you offer gift vouchers?

We sure do! Gift vouchers can be purchased online or over the phone. Call us on: 03333 448 187

Accessibility information

Please note that Never Give Up is not accessible to wheelchairs. Our experience requires a small amount of physical activity. Background music and sound effects are used within our rooms. However, the majority can be solved without hearing the audio. Levels of lighting may also differ within the rooms, some of which are quite dark. We do our best to cater for any special requirements. Please contact us for more information.

Can I add additional players?

Absolutely, so long as the total number of players does not exceed the capacity of the room, you’re more than welcome to add additional players. Additions will need to pay the standard room rate on arrival or over the phone in advance.

I'm claustrophobic, can I play?

Of course. Many people who suffer from claustrophobia have fully enjoyed their escape game experience with us. However, please note that personal experiences may vary due to the degree of your claustrophobia. Please bear in mind, our rooms require a very brief period either inside or crawling through a smaller space. There is, however, the opportunity to exit the room at any point if you feel uncomfortable.

Do you offer corporate / team building events?

Absolutely, for more information on our corporate events and team building give us a call on: 03333 448 187 or email: for more info.

Can I cancel my booking or reschedule?

Never Give Up is a live game and once a booking is confirmed we can not accept any cancellations or give any refunds. However, you can reschedule the game for another time by giving us at least 7 day’s notice before your booking is due to take place. For reschedules please contact us by email at

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